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Film based on the theatrical play : "The snake's path"



Adaptation and play direction : Marc Toupence


The snake's path

A production from Théâtre du Pilier


Coproduction Théâtre Granit, Scène nationale de Belfort

With the support of TAPS Strasbourg


The snake's path, based on the novel by Torgny Lindgren

Translation : Elisabeth Backlund

Adaptation and direction : Marc Toupence

Administration : Sylvie Genest

Scenography and accessories : Antonin Bouvret

Lights creation : Jean-Claude Caillard

Sound creation : Ali Laouadi

Musical creation based on the Chaconne from Bach : Leslie Montagu

Lights : Caroline Grillot

Costumes : Carole Birling

Make-ups : Séverine Martin


Musics recorded by François Verry


Actors :

Benoît Giros, Leslie Montagu, Sandrine Nicolas, Ludmila Ruoso, Marc Voisin

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